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Replicate SharePoint Online Lists to Azure SQL Database

Are you trying to replicate SharePoint list data to a database? Are you interested in making sure your database stays up to date when changes are made to SharePoint lists? In this blog post, I will introduce you Enzo Data Pipelines, a technology that makes it easy to copy SharePoint Online lists to a database and keep future changes synchronized.


Enzo Data Pipelines, from Enzo Online, allows you to easily copy SharePoint lists to a cloud database and other destinations (such as cloud and messaging services) , using point-and-click configuration screens. The technology allows you to perform an initial Sync of a SharePoint Online List, and keep it synchronized continuously using a process called changed data capture (CDC).

Because Enzo Online is a Platform as a Service, you can securely configure SharePoint replication easily on the Enzo Online portal, entirely in the cloud, and start replicating data within minutes.

Enzo Data Pipelines allow you to solve complex problems related to SharePoint replication, including:

  • Copy SharePoint lists to a SQL Server database for reporting

  • Sync SharePoint lists to a data warehouse

  • Capture List changes in an Azure Queue for integration

  • Send an SMS when a specific List entry is updated/deleted

  • Replay changes in a Service Bus for integration purposes

Trying Out SharePoint Replication

Check out the Lab we created to build a SharePoint Online replication pipeline to an Azure SQL Database; instructions are simple and can be followed by IT professionals, SharePoint administrators, architects and developers. No programming knowledge is required.

For more information on the architecture of Enzo Data Pipelines, see my previous blog post.


Extracting SharePoint Online list data has never been easier; with Enzo Data Pipelines you can replicate SharePoint data to an Azure SQL Database using simple point and click configuration settings and be up and running in minutes.

You can use Enzo Online at no charge, and try Enzo Data Pipelines free as well. For more information about SharePoint Online replication offered by Enzo Online, click here.

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