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SharePoint Online

Data Replication & Real-time Access

A large customer in Australia needed to replicate data from SharePoint Online to a local database to simplify reporting, data monitoring, and implement a web portal that would display information in real-time from SharePoint.

Enzo Unified was used to automatically replicate the data to SQL Server, and to provide a direct SQL-like access to SharePoint, eliminating the need to write code against the SharePoint API. 

Online Learning.

Windows Server Management

Querying Server Without PowerShell

A large hospital network in the US wanted a simple mechanism to query their servers through WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) without the need to write advanced PowerShell.

Enzo Unified was used to provide simple access to all their Windows Servers using simple SQL queries, eliminating the need to write and maintain complex PowerShell scripts, and reducing the need to code against the WMI API.

HR Integration

Access HR Data In Real-Time

A large US distributor wanted to access HR data in real-time across two hosted systems (IBM Kenexa and Ceridian Dayforce) to automate their hiring business processes, but didn't want to hire expensive consultants, nor have a complex system to maintain as needs change.

Enzo Unified is used as bridge between their hosted HR systems and expose information as simple SQL commands that orchestrate their business processes through simple jobs and automation. Changing the hiring business process became a breeze.

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