Thank you for visiting my personal site, where you can find information about me, the projects I am/was involved with, blogs, resources for Windows Azure and cloud computing, and much more. I am a Windows Azure MVP and enjoy consulting for various corporations in the US and abroad. If you are looking for guidance for your move into the cloud, contact me by sending me an email at info_at_bluesyntax.net.

My Projects

Enzo Cloud Backup

This project started over two years ago as a simple SQL Database backup tool. It has evolved into a high quality backup tool of both SQL Database and Azure Tables, complete with scheduling, alerting, an API and scheduled tasks. More...

Azure Florida Association

I invite you to join the Azure Florida Association. This free community of experts meet every other month to discuss the latest in the cloud. Expert speakers join us to share their lessons learned and present projects they have worked on. Join the Azure Florida Association today! It's free!

My Community Work

In addition to the Azure Florida Association, I participated in multiple trainings, webcasts and more. For a summary of some of my past activities please click here.

Where I Work

AAJ Technologies

I work for a consulting company in South Florida called AAJ Technologies; in business for over 15 years this company specializes in system integration, cloud computing and mobility. To learn more about AAJ Technologies, please visit AAJ Technologies.

Contact Me

Herve Roggero
Windows Azure MVP
Principal of Blue Syntax
info_at_bluesyntax . net

My Books


Cloud Architecture
Cloud Adoption Strategy
Business Justification
Adoption Roadmap